Monday, February 23, 2015

...2015 Spring Break Basketball camp

So, we're attempting to host 2 basketball camps this Spring Break.  Worked on a couple posters.  We went for the first one.

Here's hoping the camps go well.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

...a Quiet Christmas

So the Konigs had a quiet Christmas this year.  With all the travelling we do for basketball, both before and after Christmas, we decided to eschew the trip up north to Prince George to join my family.  It was just the four of us, down in our home.  And it was nice.  No drama, no crowds, no huge dirty messes to clean up.  Of course, I missed my parents and siblings and their assorted extras, and all the hub bub...but at the same was nice to just have our little family this time.

We also had a new kitty, "Nike", who was experiencing her very first Christmas.  It was quite hilarious watching her around all the presents and the Christmas tree.  She was literally quivering with excitement.  In fact, we planned for it.  We didn't get a tree until the last moment...Christmas eve.  And Frank got it for 1 cent!  Not even kidding.  So, the kids put it up Christmas eve.  We had to lock Nike in a room after she proceeded to knock off and break a few ornaments.  We then all went to bed. 

Aislinn and Mackendra with their Christmas tree

Cute note to Santa, with milk and cookies of course.

Woowee!  Christmas morning.

Christmas morning was excellent.  Frank made his traditional German breakfast with sausages and meats and sweets.  We all opened our presents.  We let Nike out to go crazy with the tree i.e. "biggest scratching post ever!!!!!"  Nike was up and down that tree like nobody's business.  She would launch guerilla attacks from its depths and retreat before Tuck knew what hit him.  And around 10 am, I had had enough, and the tree came down.  

That night, I made our Christmas dinner.  I still made a huge, 30 pound turkey.  We ate turkey for a week after.  The only thing missing was pie.

All in all, it was a nice, quiet Christmas, here at Chez Konig.

Perhaps next year we will go join all the Johnson festivities.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Yup, she's a beast.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back in the day

So, back in the day...check out Erika...only girl on the boys team...guess it runs in the family huh Mack?  And no, my Mom wasn't the coach....I think she was the team manager, and she made just enough fuss to make sure Erika played with the boys.


Friday, March 14, 2014

...A Family Affair. Provincial Champions!!!

I don't think I can convey the awesome-ness of last weekend.

Family and friends gathered from around the province to support and celebrate Ace and her Brookswood Bobcats teammates.

I think I will use pictures to demonstrate the emotion and action involved in these moments.  It will tell you more than I could ever say.

Here's some of the family...that's Auntie Erika, Auntie Rachel, Uncle Joel, Marshall and Uncle Darren in attendance.

We saw some old friends from PG as well.  Phil McLeod (amazing c-spine story there).  And the Duchess coaches, players, and parents.  They all came to watch Ace.  Some of Darren's old bball buddies came out as well.  Some of Frank's SFU boys watched one game, and were impressed.  Aislinn's friends from Charles Best Secondary and a lot of the Next Level girls were showing their support.  It was so great to see how much love and encouragement was surrounding Ace.  With that type of support system, how can a girl go wrong???

Here's one of several 3's Ace hit in her most fantastic game ever!  She ended up with 39 points, 9 rebounds, 6 steals and 7 assists.  She hit this mind-blowing, crowd-electrifying 3/4 court shot with time running out in the 3rd quarter.  The entire gym erupted!!!  I almost passed out I was cheering so loud.  I wish I had thought to grab my camera at that point.  Ace was a human highlight reel that game.  The girl was on fire!

Here's another made 3.

And yet another...OMG!!!  A 6'3 post closing out on her this time.  She made it.

Here's a blast from the past...and a brand new one.  Hi Jordan...yes, yes,  we think Ace is a "baller".  Hahaha.  Hoping to recruit this man and his wife to help with BC's Finest.  What a powerhouse coaching staff we would have.  I think we would have the strongest coaching staff in the country.  Such passion, such love, such respect.  Unstoppable is the only word that could describe this possible union.  Fingers crossed.

Awwwww...almost makes me want another one.  Nope....I'm good.  But this little stinker has my heart.  The big dude knows where he stands with me.  LOVE-OF-MY-LIFE!!!!

Ace's mug on the big screen!  Love it.  She was a constant on the instant replay that weekend.  Kong kong said he really like hearing..."Konig for 3" constantly.  Apparently, the color commentator, Howard Tsumura, looooooved Ace.  Auntie Ting was saying he said "freakishly" a lot with her.  Too awesome.

We start them young here.  There were babies everywhere that weekend.  However, I think our section had the most babies per capita than any other section.  Marshall, Miles, Harper, Emmit, and Joplin.  Yowsa.  That's a lot of babies.  Good thing there were a lot of laps.

Superfan Cedric came out to support his favorite player.  He was so awesome.  And he was not disappointed.  That man takes his cheering seriously.  You should have seen him warming up before each game: stretching, voice warm-up, assembling his props.  He was exhausted after the game.  And so happy.

Post game hugs from everyone.  Sisters, cousins.

Proud Moms, of course.



Grandpa could not stop crying...he was so cute...and so, so, so proud.


A quick one with Dad.


Everyone got a hug...and a ear nibble in some cases.

Then came the award ceremonies.

Brookswood won the School Spirit award.  Repeat from last year.  There's Superfan.  He didn't want to join, but Ace ran across the gym, grabbed him and pulled him up to join the cheer team.   I was so proud of Ace for doing that.

Holy crap!!!!  Provincial MVP!!!!  I was crying.  A lot.  She's only gr. 10, Folks.  When was the last time that happened?  And she won an iPad mini...which we've already had to confiscate (post 1 week).  They even let her bring home the big trophy for a bit.  That is an amazing achievement.

Accepting her medal.

Team photos.

Presentation of the Blue Banner!!!  That will hang in the gym forever.  Whenever anyone looks up, they will see that banner.  What a fantastic legacy.

Award-bearer, Auntie Erika.  She was pretty pumped.

Pics with teammates


OHHH!!! My favorite part....cutting down the nets!  

And wearing of the net

More pics with teammates and friends.

And the coaches

Ace's other Dad.  Thanks for all the help with Ace this year.

Then it was the after party.  What a blast!  We took a bunch of pictures and consumed some beverages and I think pizza arrived at some point.

Kong kong was so proud of Ace, he 100% approved of the big trophy.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.  Friends, family and a winning outcome.  Let's hope this becomes a trend.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 the news.

So here is someone else's take on how Ace is doing this year...

And here is an article dedicated to her from a couple weeks ago.

All very complimentary.  Hopefully she can back it up and win Provincials this year.

The grandparents are coming down, as well as several of her Aunties and Uncles and cousins and even a great-grandpa.  I've heard that several people from Prince George who her Pau pau has been bragging to are coming to watch her as well.  And I'm pretty sure there will be a scout or ten checking her out from the stands. pressure.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 hairstyle.

I don't know if you guys have noticed...Ace is sporting a new hairstyle in games now.  She has always had bangs...forever.

She told me that it was her "thing".

Well, things have changed.  She is now pulling those bangs back.  I had soooooo many people tell me that they didn't recognize her with her hair pulled back.

I think she looks beautiful either way.